If you love simplicity of classic shapes and bright colours, then our Formal collection is tailor made for you. These mono bouquets are an excellent choice for those who appreciate uncomplicated and honest design. Made from a single type of flower - from roses to hydrangeas - these make a perfect gift for those with a busy lifestyle and make a statement both at home or in the office.


No. 1

A dusty lilac mono bouquet of delphiniums. These beautiful flowers feature multiple blooms on long stems which gives the arrangements a minimalist statement look.


No. 2

A mono bouquet of dahlias. Flowering from mid-summer to autumn, dahlias are adored for their variety in shape and sensational colour palette.


No. 3

A mono bouquet of beautiful toffee coloured cymbidium cut orchids. Cymbidium orchid is a strong, seasonally cut tropical flower with a beautiful exotic shape.


No. 4

A mono bouquet of beautiful velvet noir hydrangeas. Hydrangeas are known for their stunning colour variety and unique ombre colouring.


No. 5

A mono bouquet of fragrant David Austin roses. These large peony-like roses are known for their fluffy lushness, size and intricate colour.


No. 6

A mono bouquet of fragrant deep red roses. Red roses are the true symbol of romance and the soft velvety texture gives a beautiful matt sheen.


No. 7

A mono bouquet of seasonal ombre carnations.


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