Kid's Room Floral Interior Inspiration

Here at Fine Stems we are passionate about floristry, but also about design and about using floral motives in the decor around us. While events make a huge part of that, interiors also are a huge inspiration to what we do. To celebrate spring we have put together a little moodboard of floral interiors for kids to get you excited!

Floral Wallpaper

Needless to say one of the best ways to add some flowers to the room is to go for a floral wallpaper - pair this with a lovely shade of paint or simply add to a neutral wall colour and the room will look and feel completely new. There are a few rules to remember: for bolder and brighter prints opt for a feature wall, for more neutral spaces go all over. If the space is small and needs lifting stick to brighter shades and ceiling mouldings. If the space needs cozy-ing up consider extending the floor up by opting for panels. Think about the sun - if the room is sunny in the morning when your little one is up brave the colder colour theme, if the room is on the darker side and only gets the sun later in the day consider staying in the warm shades. There is no wrong or right way to mix and match, just pick the main colours you are introducing and make sure these compliment one another - then STICK TO THE COLOUS throughout the room. If in doubt go neutral and think that you can always add a few signature pieces later on to draw attention.

Floral Bedding & Accessories

Floral theme is very easy to add and take away with bright bedding - these days the choice is endless! From bold prints and bright colours to neutrals with a soft theme you can pick something that suits your room. You will be surprised how refreshing this can be as usually kids’ rooms are quite small with not much space to let your imagination run free when it comes to interior design. Great idea to have a few seasonal sets - a wintery one in darker shades, a spring one in light and bright colours, a full on bright summer one and an autumnal earthy-tones set. This way your children will be looking forward to changing the bed sheets when the new season comes along! If you are feeling brave go for a floral rug on top or just on its own - not only is it a fun and stimulating piece of decor your little ones will appreciate that it is also warm and comfy to play on. Added bonus, bright colours mask stains very well (a white Scandi rug may not be such a great idea if messes happen and let’s face it THEY DO).

Floral-Inspired Interior Elements

There are other less bold ways to introduce a floral theme to the room. Use prints and small accessories like door knobs with a floral motif for the very light touches, or opt for a statement furniture piece with a strong floral theme. It can be something quite quirky (like a bed that looks like forest branches,TOTAL LOVE) or simply a furniture item that has been given that little floral boost, like the brightly patterned headboard or a bed canopy with an intricate print. And whatever you do - have fun!

We do not take credit for any of the imagery used. All photos taken from open sources.
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