5 Ways to Use Dried Flowers in Your Home

We have all been there, wanting beautiful flowers to stay with us a little while longer. Nothing quite beats a fresh bouquet but even the freshest blooms will eventually drop their fragrant petals (we do recommend cutting the stems at 45 degree angle, placing your flowers away from sources of heat and changing the water daily to make sure they keep bringing you joy longer). A natural alternative to freshly picked blooms are the dried ones which are becoming increasingly popular in interior design and even event floristry. What’s more there are so many ways to use dried flowers around your house, we’ve put together 5 wonderful ideas you can try.

A Floral Wreath

A wreath is a very simple and sweet idea to try next time you are out in a meadow or have a little arrangement sitting on your table. Perfect for every season - use whatever you can get your hands on outside - these are so elegant and are a quick way to bring some outside in!


As Light as a Feather

If you have been following the media on celebrity weddings this year then you’ll know what a big hit a Mandy Moore’s recent wedding’s decor was with the international wedding community! Pink pampas grass definitely made a statement and so can you. All you need for that extra touch of boho is a statement vessel and a few stems.


Pretty In Print

Looking for some artwork to hang? Look no further than your most humble meadow flowers. Simply dry these up in between the pages of a heavy book and these make a beautiful dainty decor statement on a wall, a bookshelf or above a fireplace.


Precious Pastels

Wondering what flowers are easiest to dry for a DIY floral arrangement bouquet? Despite most commonly associating roses with drying, these are actually quite tricky to preserve looking lovely and not like they have aged a million years (plus dark and vibrant colours like red will dry to look black and the softest white roses will yellow). Instead, try hydrangea. With its delicate pastel colouring and nicely shaped crown these make perfect frozen arrangements when dried properly and carefully placed. Other excellent contenders for dried mono arrangements are cotton and pussy willow.

Looking for something even easier? Look at greenery! Stems of foliage are so easy to dry and will remain nice and resilient to touch. The waxier the plant the better it will hold shape when dried, so avoid thin, gentle types and opt for the glossy, sturdy kind like eucalyptus.


No Water Needed!

Ever forgotten to water a plant? Well, yes, we’ve all been there! Now, imagine instead of dying a becoming a testament for one’s inability to care for a living being it will look perfectly frozen in time. If this sounds temping purchase a pot of heather next time you are in the garden centre.


These ideas are fool-proof, so inexpensive, natural and most definitely stunning. And what’s more being eco-friendly they won’t cost the earth! These are sure to make a wonderful addition to you home.

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