Alternative Christmas Decor Ideas


Wondering whether to skip getting a tree this year? To get you inspired for the festive season we have put together several alternative ways to decorate your home for Christmas without one. After all, who has a living room large enough to house a small plant, let along a full size tree? Read up and you will love these ideas for getting your house Christmas ready and getting yourself in the spirit of the season while avoiding all of the usual drama. We won’t judge you for taking the short cut - we’ve all been there with dry prickly pine needles all over the floor, stuck in every possible crevice of your house that you still manage to find under your sofa in June…

hang statement Christmas Wreaths

Sounds traditional doesn’t it? Well, it really is, but instead of just hanging one on your door use the wreath as a decor element in the house. It will look lovely on the wall above the TV, on the shelf with a festive candle or go all out and hang a trio of wreaths above your fireplace! There really are no rules and you can make this as statement or as neutral as you like.


Here is a collection of Christmas Wreaths we’ve launched especially for Christmas at Fine Stems. You can shop these in our store.


decorate with festvive Garlands

You’ve ditched the tree and you don’t want to hang anything or perhaps you’ve decided a wreath (or a couple?) are simlply not enough “Christmasness” to honour the season. That’s okay! Go for a garland - a versatile decor element you can use almost anywhere in the house, from your Christmas table to shelves and fireplaces. You can even deck out the kitchen with smaller pieces or pop a pine branch in the bathroom for that extra touch around the house.

Images via Boxwood Avenue

Images via Boxwood Avenue

get a mini tree with no commitments

Still feel like your eye is looking for that tree silhouette around the room? Go for a mini Christmas tree instead of full size. Perfect for tighter spaces and smaller flats, this is a great way to tick getting a tree off your list. You can even go for one in the office - the last few weeks are usually a drag and having a little cheery tree on your desk might inspire you to plough through the end of the year and all the way into 2019 with a smile!



Perhaps you just would like to skip the whole tree element all-together. Fret not, we’ve got you. You can still make your house feel warm and Christmass-y without a pine needle in sight. How? Simply decorate what you already have, without forgetting to add lots of mixed textures and light - your house will feel festive in no time, we promise.


buy A Christmas arrangement

Maybe you just need that centrepiece to make the house sing - then look no further than a festive Christmas arrangement. Nicely settled in a crate or a basket, these are a wonderful alternative to fiddlier Christmas decor - readily decorated and in all of the festive glory, these are so easy to maintain and will serve you throughout the season. They can also make a great gift for a loved one if you want to go for something cosier and more long-term than a bouquet!

Here at Fine Stems we have put together a collection of Christmas Crates. With baubles, ribbons and Christmas decor, as well as candles, you simply pop the crate anywhere that needs a bit more cheer. Done!

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