Welcome to Fine Stems!

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The process of creating Fine Stems has been a roller coaster of emotions from the very beginning. As any passionate entrepreneur will tell you, the journey is filled with many ups and downs, but oh how rewarding it is! We are driven by creativity and experimentation and the passion for what we wanted to achieve was what drove us from the very early days when all we had were lots of sketches, even more ideas and just the genuine love for floristry and what we do.

The vision for Fine Stems was long in the making before we even had the slightest idea about the name, the logo or the branding - but the dream was always there. We wanted to create a brand that was minimal and clean but at the same time had a definitive character that immediately translated to our customers. The name “Fine Stems” to us really captured that elegant simplicity and we’ve designed every element of our branding with same values in mind.

Our true mission was a different kind of an online flower store. We really wanted to push the boundaries of what the usual floral boutique has to offer - in our shop you won’t find a typical floral arrangement so many of us are used to seeing when Googling “bouquet delivery” when a special birthday is around the corner and you are flat out of ideas. Instead, we have designed every single bouquet - from the more complex arrangements to the simplest ones - with fine art aesthetic in mind. Despite being an online store, we really wanted to embrace the art of floristry and show what a modern flower delivery service can be when the values of style and substance are put first.

We are extremely grateful to everyone who supported us in the very beginning and continues to support us to this day. Your trust, enthusiasm and passion for floristry is what made this project really take off and we couldn’t be more thankful to each and every one of our customers, colleagues and followers.

Welcome to Fine Stems!

Fine Stems