Our Studio is Now Open!


Our studio set in the heart of London opened it’s door this November for the very first time. To say we were excited to finally have everything ready and set to go is an understatement. As the final pieces were coming together - from the vases being carefully arranged on freshly painted shelves to the last bits of furniture arriving - we couldn’t believe we’ve finally made it here looking back on what was a challenging and lengthy process. From what was just a handful of sketches and a lot of love for floristry we managed to grow a very real business, with a name, a brand identity and now our very own London studio. That first day locking up the doors, we could barely contain our excitement to start this very new chapter!


Our aim was always to create a very different type of floristry store, one that would be inspired and inspire others, rather than simply tick off the box - be it when it an almost-forgotten birthday or a full-hearted expression of love. We wanted our studio to be a that special place of harnessing creativity, where we could express ourselves and hold workshops letting others learn from our experience. Almost like a blank canvas, our studio has become that safe space where we can explore new ideas and express ourselves.

With so much pride and joy, we welcome you to our newly finished studio. You can pop in for a cup of tea on a misty morning to discuss a project or join us for one of our creative workshops - simply drop a line and we would love to welcome you in our new Fine Stems home!

Fine Stems