Interview with our Co-Founders

Kate and Katerina may share the same name and the role of co-founders here at Fine Stems, but they could not be further apart in the ways they have arrived here. Despite paramountly different backgrounds they have always shared the same vision when it came to the way they wanted to run Fine Stems and have supported each other through a lengthy and challenging journey of starting this venture. So how did they get here?

Kate    Creative Director of Fine Stems


Creative Director of Fine Stems

Katerina    General Director of Fine Stems


General Director of Fine Stems


Kate, you have always worked with flowers. What made you make this next step and decide to open an online floristry boutique?

I have worked as a florist for many years now and have always been passionate about flowers. As an artist, I always see myself create compositions using flowers as a medium of expressing myself and I have always felt that high-end stylish but yet affordable floristry wasn’t something that’s available on the market. My projects mainly included event floristry and large-scale installations and I was really excited about working on a smaller scale designing a bouquet collection that would reflect different styles but be united with the same core values of fine art floristry.

Katerina, you don’t come from the floristry background at all. What made you join Kate on this venture?

That’s right, I couldn’t be less of a florist if I tried, but I have always appreciated beautiful design and had a passion for flowers. Kate and I met when I was planning my very own wedding and having struggled to find a florist that whose vision matched mine we instantly clicked. Kate’s artistic vision has always reflected my own understanding of what is beautiful and organic, I fully trusted her to create something special and since the wedding we’ve stayed in touch as close friends and kindred spirits. When we started talking about Fine Stems it was a very exciting step for us both and we’ve brought our strengths to the table - I oversee the commercial side of things, where Kate is in charge of being creative.

Kate, what inspires you when it comes to floristry?

I love flowers obviously but I was always very passionate about art. My father is a painter and I come from an artistic family, so having grown up surrounded by artwork I’ve never lost sight of what truly inspires and moves me. When it comes to floristry, you really need to go with your own vision and let yourself be creative. I’m always been inspired by the architecture and nature - these sources are never-ending and I am constantly in owe of what nature and humankind can create together. For me floristry is a perfect mix of the two: flowers are created by nature and if you look closely each one is so special on their own, but as a florist you get to put them together like a sculptor and create something that reflects your very own unique style. It’s a pretty special form of self-expression!

If Kate’s passion is floristry, Katerina, what drives you in day-to-day running of the business?

My children and my family are my greatest motivators. I love keeping busy with projects and looking to the future for more to come. Being an entrepreneur really changes your outlook on work, life and the balance between the two. There is nothing more rewarding than spending quality time with your family, but at the same time I am very passionate about growing Fine Stems. You need to be really careful and make sure you are equally involved but I’m so grateful I have plenty of reasons to jump out of bed in the morning!

Where do both of you see Fine Stems in a few years?

We are so excited to see this project grow to rapidly and the response we had so far from our customers has been overwhelming. We love doing what we do, each in our own way and we’d be so thrilled to continue to grow as a company. Of course, it’s all about creative beautiful floristry and we are already excited to expand our collection, with several new designs in the making as we speak. We also love to teach so being able to do more workshops would be incredible - we’ve just sold out our Christmas wreath making ones and wish we had more time for all of those wanting to join who couldn’t make it!

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